Mothers Day

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Showing love and appreciation for your mum should not be something that comes around once a year, it should be shown throughout the year, in the little things. From picking up a few things in the supermarket to making her a cup of tea.

However, there comes a time when mum deserves something extra special. Something she can cherish, something she can keep for a lifetime and always be reminded of your special relationship - in our opinion that something, is, of course, a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Here are just a few reasons why jewellery is the perfect mother’s day gift..

  1. Considering her fashion taste and thinking about what really suits her shows you’ve put some thought and effort into choosing the gift, which is very heartwarming!
  2. Your mum can keep it forever and it can even be passed down in the family.
  3. It is worn on the body, which means mum can be reminded of you every time she catches that glistening bracelet in the corner of her eye or those sparkling earrings when she looks in the mirror.
So there you have it, jewellery is a Win, Win!

To give you a little inspiration when choosing your gift we have picked out some of our favourites pieces for this year's mother’s day.

The Tree of Life:
This symbol is associated with wisdom and enlightenment, two things I think most of us can say our mums have gifted us with. It’s the perfect way to show her your appreciation for her fountain of knowledge. Available in bracelet and necklace form.

Kokomo 925 Sterling Silver; 10mm Diameter (£45)
Is a meditative and calming stone which works in to promote calm, bal-ance, and peace. We all know a mothers day can be hectic, especially if her children are yet to fly the nest. This stone is perfect for helping mum find that much needed bal-ance and calm.This is available in earrings, necklace and bracelet form.

Hand Crafted Collection; 9 carat Yellow Gold; 925 Sterling Silver (£107)
Rose Gold:
Rose gold hugely on trend this spring and is being sported by all the fashion-istas around the world. Keep it simple like this wide round stone necklace, so mum can wear your gift on any occasion. We have a wide range of rose gold jewellery including brace-lets, necklaces, earrings and rings.

18 carat Rose Gold Plated; 7mm wide Round Stone; 925 Sterling Silver (£66)

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